The 4th week of summer at Blaupark was all about sports. True to the motto: “Ripe for the island”, the summer fun was implemented via the island concept. I was at Blaupark both during the week and at the weekend and got an impression.

There was a whole trolley full of toys on the island of Crete, and the animal figures looked really cute.

The tossing game on the neighbouring Bahamas was a magnet. Here, the aim was to hit the top quarter of a board; if successful, it flipped over. The kids queued here until the very end.

I couldn’t assign the stretched slackline to an island, but it invited everyone to test their sense of balance and skill.

While the kids were having fun on the islands, the mostly female parents were sitting away from the action on one of the coveted chairs, chatting and watching their children being entertained.

Some events could not take place this week for organisational reasons. These included table tennis, chess and the roller derby at the Conventry Hall. The cancellations on the island of Ibiza would be partially compensated for by the island of Crete. However, the summer fun still took place.

I was particularly excited about American football: with the command “go”, the quarterback started the play. The junior receivers started running and, according to the rules, were prevented from continuing by a defender for the first 5 yards. Then they try to catch the quarterback’s pass. Those who managed to do so gained space that would have easily been enough for a new first attempt.

Maybe I was watching the NFL stars of tomorrow. Besides football, other sports could be tried out, including basketball, mini-golf, parkour and wrestling.

At the end of the day, the Blaupark left a clean impression, unlike what I have often seen at Kiel Week. This was due to the concept, which was that no food and drink stalls were set up. If someone felt a natural need, porta-potties were set up and there is also a stationary toilet.

Not all persons showed interest in the summer fun. Some simply enjoyed the good weather, rested, barbecued or used the Blue Park as a sports and meeting park. By the way, the Summer Fun is organised by stadt.mission.mensch, which is also permanently represented with a stand.

Text, photos: misoki