In the following article, we would like to present some of the most useful contact points in Kiel where people in need of assistance can seek help to master tough situations in their life. These points are often run by volunteers and people who have been in the same situation in the past work who are now giving back and earning a little extra money. Offered goods are donations from citizens and business owners in Kiel. Addresses are given at the info box.

OBOLUS Der Sozialladen

Obolus shops are a good resource for citizens of Kiel in need of low-priced goods. All available goods have been donated and the employees also have a low income and here they are given an opportunity to earn a little extra money for themselves. Items include clothes, household items, computers and other electronic devices, toys, stuff for school, bikes and many other things.

To shop there you need proof that you are in need of help. The Obolus shop is at Sophienblatt 64a as of July of 2016. But there are also stores in Gaarden and Dietrichsdorf.

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Kieler Tafel

The Kieler Tafel collects surplus food from stores in Kiel and distributes it among people in need. If you have proof that you are in need (e.g. Hartz IV welfare notification), you can get a weekly selection of food there for a donation of 1€ (2€ for families of 5 and more). The work at Kieler Tafel is done by nearly 200 volunteers. Donations are needed to finance transport and distribution.

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The stadt.mission.mensch LLC  opened a new social department store on June 13th, 2016. What used to be the Möbelbörse is now “Echt.Gut”, where not only furniture is offered, but also clothes, household items, toys and other second hand goods. Anyone can shop here, but if you have proof of being in need, you get a discount.

In addition to all that, the stadt.mission.mensch also offers help for senior citizens, people with mental disabilities, delinquents and addicts. The homeless shelters Tagestreff and Kontaktladen on Schaßstrasse are run by stadt.mission.mensch and Mittagstisch Manna. The shelters provide meals, showers, and restrooms for people in need. Additionally, some clothes are available and there are several offers for advice on many issues. Medical and dental care are provided once per week for people without health insurance.

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Hempels e.V.

The Hempels e.V. runs a café with reasonable pricing, but it also has a drinking room where people can bring their own beverages of any kind. There is also a soup kitchen for people in need, which delivers meals to different venues.  It also offers a social service that gives help for those with financial and debt issues.

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Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V.

The Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. (social service of catholic women) offers general support for all women, but especially those with families, pregnant women and debtors. The St. Antoniushaus in Kiel-Elmschenhagen offers a home for young mothers and their children, people with disabilities, and children and youths. The Kiel information center can be found in the Answerushaus in the Muhliusstraße.

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In the Flexcafe and Flexwerk of the KJHV/KJSH-Stiftung citizens in need can get a low-priced breakfast or a hot meal for 2.50€. The Flexwerk also has an information center which offers help to people who have problems with drugs, debts, housing or authorities.

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The Kiel-Pass can be acquired by at the Neues Rathaus (New City Hall) by people with proof that they are in need. With this pass, you can get discounts at many cultural activities, including theatres, cinemas, concerts, museums, educational institutes, libraries, sport activities and much more.

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