Moin Moin,
we are K.I.E.L. – Das Kieljournal.
K.I.E.L. stands for Knowledge, Information, Event and Local. The name says it all and so we try to present our state capital with all its aspects like history, meeting places, shops, gastronomy and tourism to an international audience. In order to do that, the articles in our free journal are written in three diferent languages: German, English and Arabic. By this, we hope to reach not only long-established citizens of Kiel but also people with a migration background, refugees and tourists.
Our office at Klaus-Exner-Platz
K.I.E.L. – Das Kieljournal is based in Kiels district of Ellerbek-Wellingdorf. Since June 2016 twelve participants work constantly for the journal and various topics were developed based on their diverse interests.

As a project of the KJHV/KJSH foundation in cooperation with the Jobcenter Kiel, our journal offers a useful activity to ALG-2-recipients, where they together develop a modern and internationally oriented city journal.

We wish all our readers from different countries and cultures a lot of pleasure with our issues and website and hope to give an exciting first or even second impression of our state capital Kiel.
Klaus-Exner-Platz (1960)