A victims report

The people of Syria live a life far away from democracy. Since 1970 Syria has been under military rule. The state does not even meet the lowest standard of living. Most young people are unemployed. Because of this, young students met in the city of Daara and demanded the most basic rights. Although they did not succeed in their demands, their ideas spread throughout Syria. There were supporters everywhere who demonstrated peacefully.

But something terrible happened.

The state turned against the peaceful demonstrations. A long war began and it is still going on today. Since 2011, nearly 400,000 innocent people have been killed and millions of people have been displaced and have become homeless.  The nights were not normal nights anymore. Airplanes flew over the cities and began to bombard the citizens. Tall buildings were reduced to rubble. Many people died in that rubble. Small children were surprised in their sleep and would never wake up again.

That’s just a small part of what’s happening in my country every day. It is said that people in Syria eat bread with the taste of blood.

All this happens because we want to live freely and democratically.I ask you:Why do people have to die who just want to live in freedom?Why does the world watch when the Syrian people are killed?

Before I left Syria, a man came to me. He told me that the army will reach my city soon and kill me because I’m a man and can carry a gun.

I ask you: What would you do? I left Syria with my family and fled to Germany.

We Syrians are grateful to Germany and the Germans.I would like to tell you: me and most Syrians did not come here to live in luxury. We came here to protect our children and give them a future.

I wish that this terrible war ends and that I can return with my family to my homeland, Syria. I would like to help treat the injured and needy people left behind by the war. I want to live in peace with my family.