Music is Great, Making Music is Even Better!

They are a common sight on the streets of Kiel: the red busses of the “Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft” (Traffic Corporation). But here we will show that the KVG is much more than just a company for public transportation.

The Kieler Verkehrs AG (KVAG) was established in the 1930’s out of the 1886 foundation “Neue Dampfer Compagnie” and the 1906 foundation “Hafenrundfahrt AG”. Some lines of the Holsteinische Autobusgesellschaft were added, which was already implemented into bus traffic in Kiel before. In 1942, the KVAG took over the “Allgemeine Lokalbahn” and “Kraftwerke AG” (ALOKA) – the tramway of Kiel.

History of the orchestra

KVG-Orchester, 1931

KVG-Orchester, 1931

Music has been a constant part of the “Kieler Verkehrsaktiengesellschaft“, which is nowadays the Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft.

With the founding of the KVAG in the 1930s, the “Gesangsverein der KVAG e.V.” (choral society) was established. Some say that this choir and a brass orchestra made up the business orchestra, but we haven’t found any evidence for this during our research. Only pictures from the years 1930 and 1962 give a clue about the existence of an orchestra at that time. No reasons are known about why it was disbanded in 1979.

It was 1981 when employees of the KVAG and the “Kieler Stadtwerke” (municipal utilities), which were both 100% subsidiary companies of the municipality of Kiel, started the “VVK Blasorchester” (brass orchestra). VVK was the shortened form of “Versorgung und Verkehr” (provision and traffic) of Kiel.

KVG-Orchester, 1962

KVG-Orchester, 1962

During the first year, this orchestra was just for employees of the KVAG and Kieler Stadtwerke. At later times, family members and friends were also allowed to join. This has further changed nowadays, as every hobby musician is welcome, no matter if you play flute, horn, clarinet, tuba, drums or keyboard. In 2016, the orchestra can proudly look back at 35 years of tradition and musical performance.

The members and their music

The music is conducted by the church musician and cantor of the Erlösergemeinde (Savior Parish) in Neumünster-Gadeland, René Jung. With plenty of experience and a passion for music, he energetically calls the tunes. The program for this anniversary year has been created by everyone collaboratively.

Right now the orchestra consists of 20 musicians of various age groups. They are all united in their passion for music and they want to show this to the outside world as well (see event calendar below).

KVG-Orchester 1989

The focus is on modern popular music. In their broad-based repertoire, everyone can find something to like: timeless evergreens like “Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht”, “Moonlight and Roses” or “Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht”, various Potpourris with famous sea-shanties, American swing classics or unforgettable melodies by Bert Kaempfert. And of course “Sentimental Journey”.

Are you curious yet? Well then, just visit one of the many performances this year.

The motto of the orchestra:
“Music is great, making music is even better!”