A report on the project “Color your Life” at the Kieler Sandkrugbunker and how a bunker went from the ugly duckling to an object of art.
The alliance „Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein e.V.“ (BEI) had been seeking a fitting façade and cooperation partners for its project idea of ​​bringing the global sustainability goals of the United Nations closer to people through street art. At the beginning of 2017, therefore, the contact with the business office Kiel Gaarden and Jasmin Tarhouni came about. Since some street art projects have already been realized in the district Kiel-Gaarden, Jasmin Tarhouni was able to mediate immediately and brought the „BEI“ into contact with Vonovia, a housing association. Nils Bartels of Vonovia was immediately enthusiastic about the project idea and was able to provide the listed Sandkrug bunker for the project. The Kiel-Garden Economic Office established contact with the open youth work of the AWO Burger refers Räucherei, so that children and young people had been heavily involved in the motif design during workshops and had also learned a lot about the global sustainability goals which are to be implemented by all countries of the world by 2030.
A professional painting and spray painting from „Baltic Art“ under Sim Levi and „Vanartizm“ under Christoph Kroger could be won by a team. Mrs. Tarhouni from the economic office had, according to her own statement, long-standing good contacts to the artist Sim Levi, probably because of his work on private houses facades.
Streetart: Entstehungsprozess
Nahtloser Übergang des Efeus in das Gemälde hinein
Nahtloser Übergang des Efeus in das Gemälde hinein
Streetart: Bildausschnitt im Entstehungsprozess
Bildausschnitt im Entstehungsprozess
Austoben an der Sprühwand
Austoben an der Sprühwand
The aforementioned workshops with Gaarden youth were the basis for the bunker painting. Three motifs on the global sustainability goals were developed during three workshop days. The children and adolescents were then allowed to make the final selection from the jointly designed motifs.

The Lower Heritage Authority of the City of Kiel was brought on board right from the beginning and was thus inspired by the idea of ​​bringing the global sustainability goals into the district and giving the former civil protection bunker an expanded meaning.

The Sandkrug Bunker Memorial and the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals come together here, as part of these goals are largely devoted to peace and justice. Topics that were also of importance to the children and young people involved in open youth work. Other objectives include food security and sustainable agriculture, a sustainable energy supply, quality education for all people, poverty alleviation and climate and environmental protection.

The artistic design of the bunker by the team from „Baltic Art“ and „Vanartizm“ has extended over a period of about two months. In between I documented the work of the professional artists from time to time with photos.
The project was successfully completed with the unveiling of the painting by City Councilor Doris Grondke during a street art festival on 21 July 2017.
As previously described, the unveiled painting emphasizes global sustainability goals, as defined by the United Nations in 2015. The catalog of measures covers 17 goals of social, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability. Of course, peace is paramount. This is also visible in the artwork by a white peace dove at the top of the bunker painting.

Justitia represents justice. An interesting detail is the overflowing scales filled with paint. The colors could stand for a colorful society.

In any case, the seamless transition of the ivy growing on the bunker wall into the painting is great. A certain closeness to nature is expressed here, as a bunker always represents a certain foreign body in the natural environment. Nature conservation could be included here thematically.



  • des Bunkers 01.05.1941
  • des Streetart-Gemäldes am 21.07.2017



Raaschstraße, Ecke Sandkrug
24143 Kiel-Gaarden

But the bunker painting and its revealing were not all. For a street art festival there must be more, for example live music. It was offered by four bands. Worthy of mention at this point is the „Safar-Band“, a great grooving multicultural band that interpreted oriental music with acoustic instruments in a modern way. This was followed by the percussionists of „Los Jacintos“ and to funk sounds like James Brown‘s „Sex Machine“ grooving through Gaarden, „Soul-Fire HiFi“ and „DJ Kree-Zee“ from the Muddi market made a successful, small after-show party.
The festival was flanked by spray-painting walls to „let off steam“ and a small action mile with information stands around the theme of sustainability. In nice summer weather, children were especially happy about the great play and spray possibilities.

Finally, the successful cooperation of all project participants should be mentioned: The „Alliance One World SH eV“ as the initiator and sponsor of the project, the business office Gaarden, which brought all partners together, and Vonovia as a strong partner, the owner of the Sandkrug bunker a realization and, last but not least, the performing artists of „Baltic Art“ and „Vanartizm“ in collaboration with Gaarden’s youth. This awakens the curiosity for further future projects of this kind.

Text: Volker Bohn · Fotos: Monja Jacobs, Raphael Jahnke