“Gott wohnt im Wedding” first publication on 25.03.2019, Penguin Verlag, 413 pages, 12 euros, author: Regina Scheer.

An unusual book that names a house as its first protagonist. Built in 1890, erected by migrant workers, financing problems, insolvency of a construction company, finally sale and completion.
Historian Regina Scheer connects the house in Berlin’s Wedding district with fictional characters through detailed urban historical research of the surroundings and history. Who have to struggle with problems whose solution is still pending.
Migration difficulties, flight, expulsion, bureaucratisation, the emergence and manifestation of poverty, real estate speculation – warm demolition, gentrification.
The dark chapter of National Socialism is turned up, the fear of all becomes palpable. The regime waged war not only with other countries, no, with its own population. Jews, Roma and Sinti, communists, disabled people, critics of the regime, before they knew it they were at best in a labour camp.
A book worth reading not only for Berlin fans and history buffs. In my opinion, a successful novel that combines history with human fates. A read that will have a long lasting effect. Whether God lives in Wedding is for each reader to decide.

Text: Sonja
Photos: Martina F.