Dear Reader,

A whole issue on the topic of “sustainability”. The term now appears in almost all areas of our everyday lives. It is high time that we in “K.I.E.L – Das Kieljournal”, sponsored by the KJSH Foundation, looks at how ecological sustainability can be implemented even on a low income. We do not want to reveal too much away at this point but: sustainability can easily be achieved in some areas. And sometimes the sustainable use of equipment even saves money.

“Wuschel” would like to
offer you help when something breaks in the household. Our diet also has a profound influence on the sustainable use of resources. In a self-experiment, one participant ate a vegan nutrition for four weeks. The results surprised everyone. To
anticipate: This change had little to do with renunciation. Speaking of nutrition: Some markets and shops specifically
advertise waste prevention by selling goods without packaging. However, finances play a significant role here. Participants investigated these advertising promises and reported astonishing results.

An incredibly positive effect was achieved by an article idea on litter in public, even before the publication of the journal. One participant took on the litter on his doorstep and recruited fellow participants. In this way, a one-time litter-picking campaign became a weekly activity. A good example of an important insight: sustainability begins with personal responsibility and a shot of motivation to change one‘s own behavior. This is also reported in an interview with people from Kiel with migration background. The interviewees talk about their attempts to shape their everyday lives in a sustainable way.

And children also have their say in our magazine. After all, they have to live with the world that adults leave them. And here, too, we see that even in childhood there is a desire to treat the environment with care and mindfulness. For those who are not afraid of a radical change in their own lives, the journal offers suggestions on how to make their homes more sustainable as well.

In summary, a colorful bouquet of topics and texts that want to reveal a practical approach to the concept of sustainability in everyday life while at the same time, would like to make suggestions on how each individual can make a slight difference.