We are not really blessed with mountains here in the far north. Nevertheless, Kiel is not at sea level. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Since 1970, when Rönne was incorporated into the city, the Wohlersberg has been Kiel’s highest elevation, quasi Kiel’s local mountain.

The Wohlersberg road leads to a residential area at an altitude of about 60 metres. Southwest of it is the hilltop of the Wohlersberg, which rises 74.2 m above the Kiel Fjord. From here you can see Kiel’s landmarks, such as the gantry cranes and the telecommunications tower, which are also higher than Kiel’s local mountain. The telecommunications tower in particular towers over Wohlersberg by more than 150 metres.

No special equipment is needed to climb the Wohlersberg. Neither surefootedness, a head for heights and alpine experience are required, nor is it necessary to save the number of the mountain rescue service in your mobile phone.

Text, photos: misoki

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