Three years ago, I arrived in Kiel with my family. Even if locals don’t think that Kiel is something special – I think it is awesome.


There are beautiful parks, high trees, modern stores, wide streets and a great look over the sea that enters the city and splits it into two parts. People and goods come and go on big ships and people enjoy their leisure time on small boats or even drive to work on them.

But the most beautiful and impressive thing I could witness was a celebration. The Kieler Woche (Kiel week) is one of the greatest sailing events in the world and has been taking place in Kiel every year in June since 1882. The most modern and fastest boats have thrilling races while tourists experience the history of seafaring on historical ships.

You can also discover a lot around the fjord. There are international and local music acts to enjoy on big and small stages all over the city. There are booths with intercultural drinks, food and other goods from all over the world. And there are a lot of different offers for learning and playing for children.

The highlight of this event takes place on the second Saturday. Hundreds of ships hoist up their canvas and sail together from the inner to the outer fjord together. Everyone should have seen this beautiful spectacle. On the next day fireworks lighten up the sky in a beautiful range of colors.

This event takes place in Kiel every year and most people take it for granted. But for people like me who came here from Syria it is a great pleasure. We lost most of our human and cultural rights in our homeland and for this reason I am very happy to experience this event. I am looking forward to the next time!


The next "Kieler Woche" takes place from Saturday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 30th 2019.