I’ve got a lot of books. I like to read but in time I have had to realize that there is no point for me in keeping every book that has sparked a bit of joy. However, throwing away books – that’s not my jam. Especially if there are other people who possibly could have a good time with these books. But how to get rid of them?

In Gaarden on the first floor of the multigenerational house at the Vinetaplatz the city district library of Gaarden has its premises. There you cannot only find books, video games, DVDs or music to borrow but the city district library is also the home of several events. Since 2006 the friend’s association “Gaarden liest e. V.” (in English: Gaarden reads) is involved in the existence of the library in Gaarden. Besides public book readings by the authors the Förderverein takes care of other projects as well, for example the mobile book, a service that provides retirement homes with books and picks them up again once a month.

Another focus lies on the book flea market that takes place twice a week and is organized and offered by the volunteers of the friend’s association. At the flea market people can buy used books that were donated to the club for a small fee. In return this means people can donate books or other media, like DVD’s or video games they want to get rid of for one reason or another. The money earned by selling books on the flea market benefits the city district library Gaarden. You can visit the book flea market on Tuesday mornings from 10 to 12 a.m. as well as on Thursday afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m. in the premises of the city district library. Twice a year a bigger book flea market is offered, for example at the Gaarden well festival on September 8th.

I talked to the Mrs. Kristahl and Mrs. Hildebrand who have been volunteering in the work for the association Gaarden liest e.V. for years now and I learned that they are in need of helping hands. There are several ways to support the city district library Gaarden by a membership in the friend’s association. The membership costs an annual fee of 12 €. The members are eligible to borrow media from the library and can donate money additionally. The donations help the club which uses the money to help the library as well as an input for their program.
There is always demand for helping hands. Volunteers can help to organize and execute events as well as maintaining the website or other social media. For example, Mrs. Kristahl and Mrs. Hildebrand would love to see support for upcoming book readings that take place in the third quarter of 2019.
If you are interested, please contact the friend’s association. You can contact them via email or telephone. Another way is a visit at the book flea market.