“Galerie Seepferdchen” (gallery seahorse) is the gallery in the “Alte Mu“  (the old building of the Muthesius art school). It was founded in April of 2011 in the Lessingbad (an old swimming hall) and then moved to the old Muthesius arts school at the Lorenzendamm in September 2015. The building belongs to Schleswig Holstein, was leased by the city of Kiel and then rented to the foundation of the AlteMu Impuls-Werk e.V..

It was founded by Maria Soler and her staff are Michal Halupka, Elsa Sophia Ascherl, Julia Eichmeyer, Miriam Hansen and Andrea Rausch. Galerie Seepferdchen is meant to give lesser known artists in Kiel a chance to present their works to the public and possibly even sell them.

Focus of the exhibits are recycling, photography, art craftsmanship and object art. Guest exhibitors change frequently, offering a wide variety of interesting works. Creative minds have the opportunity to rent a panel for just 15 euro per month and present their work there.

There are by now six operators in the gallery, who all produce their own items for display and for sale, and they change shifts in the shop on a frequent basis.

Galerie SeepferdchenAffordable unica for a small price

Common household items are made into art objects too. For example, lamp shades got decorate with cloth pieces that will shine in fancy colours when the light is turned on. Stamps can be bought at reasonable prices and self-made purses made of stylish clothes are being offered, each being unique in its own way. In addition there are post cards and photos. A certain center of attention is the sewing machine that has been covered with plenty of buttons. There are also items for daily use, like chairs, hats and bags, thus making it much more than just a simple art gallery, where only pictures are shown.

And there are items for every price range. There is even schnapps by “Rändi Brändi” with creatively designed labels, jam made by “Mümelade” and honey by “Kieler Honig”.  Everything is made on the premises of the “Alte Mu“. Furthermore, there is an adjoining room where concerts and events like recitals are being held and Michal Halupka is offering guitar lessons as well.

(Alte Muthesius Hochschule)
Lorentzendamm 6-8
24103 Kiel

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM