Where will you get fit?

Forget the same old fitness story, overcome your prejudices, get to know the differences and take your chance. Sports can move a lot if you move. The signs are favorable for starting in summer. Most studios are empty, because people are at the beach. Indulge yourself in a smooth start and a relaxed introductory phase. Take advantage of the tempting special offers in the warmer season and get to know your studio properly.

I love going to the gym! Kiel has many great offers, so there’s a tough choice. It would take years to test all the gyms in Kiel. I can say from personal experience that your weaker self would take over before you have entered even half of them. Therefore, I would advise against pure practice tests and come to ask a few theoretical questions:

First steps

The first question that every coach asks is: what do you want to achieve? Sure, most want to lose a few pounds, but what about muscle growth, stamina and flexibility? Furthermore, a distinction must be made on which way you want to reach your goal. Are you someone who prefers to work alone on equipment or would you like to get fit in a group? It also has to be clarified how much time you want to invest, how often you want to work out and which goals can be realistically achieved in which time. Even the longest journey begins with the first step – and the secret of success is perseverance. I can tell you a thing or two about it, because with now 10 years in different studios I can say: “Whatever you want to achieve, you can do it with regular training.”


A fundamental question is how much support you need. In this regard, the studios differ from each other. Functional training, which is possible at “Fit – Your Functional Training Studio”, “Cross Fit” and “Forde Cross Fit” among others, allows members to train independently or participate in group classes. Likewise, at “Mrs. Sporty “, but is only accessible to women. In discounters like “Well you,”, “Mc. Fit” and “Fit X” you can mainly rely on your own accountability. More care is provided at the all-rounders and special studios. At “Kiel’s”, “Fitness land”, “Meridian Spa and Fitness”, “Athletic Fitness Land” and “4 Fun Fitness” they offer not only regular individual care but also comprehensive course programs. The kings in terms of support are the “Kieser Training” and the gyms with the latest technology such as the “Baltic Fitness”, “Body Street” and “Body Tune”. When training with technology with electro-muscular activation or stimulation, one-to-one care is necessary. Those who like things more varied, are in good hands at clubs with several fitness classes or university sports. However, as it turns out: the more support you can expect, the higher the membership fees.

If you need a personal motivator or you don’t want to get started on your own, you can spring for a personal trainer. Some studios have fitness trainers who offer this extra service. For those who have the budget, they are treated with first-class individual care.

First impressions

The atmosphere of the studios is also interesting. Do you want to be well lit, visible through the glass front, or do you prefer a quiet corner? Think about what makes you feel comfortable in the studio. To this point I have to mention the moment of horror in the functional studios when the rooms reminded me of the dojos in karate movies. Upon closer inspection, however, the variety of small fitness helpers convinced me: everyone can work out here. The discounters make an orderly and clear impression. Your advantage is a wide range of different machines distributed throughout a generous space. However, the concrete charm does not keep me in the rooms longer than necessary. The all-rounders, however, have less equipment, but usually a cozy lounge and spa area. I was especially impressed by the warmth of the rooms in “Lady Fitness”, a studio for women only. My personal favorite is “Kiel City” with an excellent view of the Kiel Fjord.


Extra Service

Further differences of the studios lie within the additional training ranges. For example, the “Meridian Spa and Fitness” and the “4 Fun Fitness” have an e-gym circuit. The devices are adjusted to your personal settings and stored on a chip. The training can start immediately and saves you time. At “4 Fun Fitness” there is also a “five-circle” that stretches the muscles and fascia and is also used in pain therapy. The “Well you” in Mettenhof offers a generous TRX area. With rope and sling systems plus your own body weight, you can do an effective full body workout. At “Athletic Fitness Land” the fascia circle convinced me. At “Kiel City” there is an outdoor area on the parking deck where you can work out in the fresh air on a device tower with a panorama of the fjord. The ventilation of a studio is also important. Who wants to be cold in the winter or swelter in the summer? But not everyone likes air conditioning. In all the studios you will be sonicated with music, the difference is in the volume. Some studios offer free drinks and a daytime nursery.


Keep your eyes and brain on during contract negotiations! Most gyms offer contracts for periods of one or two years. Sometimes monthly or 10-time punch cards are possible, but they are priced far above the monthly contributions of longer-term contracts. But they are well suited for a trial month and or those who need flexibility.In addition to the monthly membership fee, there may be added costs such as a one-time admission fee and a quarterly care rate. It should also be noted in writing that a relocation or illness entitles the holder to a special termination of the contract, as well as the possibility to suspend the membership and extend it for the time of the break.


Stumbling stone: Location

Finally, a small hint on how to get there: In the beginning, it may seem unimportant, but consider whether over time this point could become an excuse. Do you want to fall from the front door into the studio or can you put up with a certain commute time? And for a specific duration, because most studios only offer one or two-year contracts.

Get started,

give yourself

a chance

and let the fun begin!



You can find an exact overview of all gyms

under “fitogram – Deine Fitness-Suchmaschine”.