For most people, their own four walls are a retreat and an oasis of relaxation. It is therefore not surprising that it’s considered a spatial center of life and that we spend most of our time at home, in addition to working in our own home. The term „Wohnung“ (flat) originally comes from the Old High German word wonên and means „to be satisfied“ or „to stay“. To enhance that satisfaction and create an atmosphere of welcome, many people start decorating their home.
Since decorating a room requires a lot of creativity and skill, some find it difficult to put their ideas into action. Fortunately, hundreds of blogs, books, and magazines help you navigate the world of decoration. A room can be successfully landscaped if you keep an eye on the costs, research extensively, and make a draft of the new furnishings before anything is changed.

Set a personal style

Before you start, you should set a style. Here are a few examples:

Country style

For the French as well as the American country style, rustic accessories are needed with an emphasis on natural and painted wood elements. Furniture and accessories look weathered, but you can also switch to white, pastel or red.


In contrast to other styles, minimalist decorators want a free space with only a few focal points. The furniture design is more important here, as a sleek couch or a noble coffee table also serve as an art piece.

Retro or vintage

For this style you should comb through flea markets for old furniture until you find pieces that you like. Try kitsch from the ‚60s or revive the „Golden Age“. The older the piece is, the more expensive the vintage purchase could be.


Take the minimalist style and add some cozy accents. Choose a color to make the room more interesting and think about turning one or two walls into a work of art.

Worldly character

Use Scandinavian, Asian, African or Indian inspired décor like rugs, throws, vases or other accents. A space with a cultural atmosphere fascinates guests and presents their travel experiences.

Sophisticated, elaborate

If you like the “classic” style, you probably like colors like white, black and gray with a few splashes of color in between. Use simple lamps and good quality fabrics for a sophisticated living experience.

Blogs, books and magazines that address their own style, as I said enough. For example, with a library card you can browse the decorative and design books in your local library. Another possibility is the internet. Dozens of blogs contain all kinds of ideas, tips and tutorials, for example on

New deco plan

You should be sure to have enough financial resources when you plant to buy new furniture, carpets, etc., keep in mind the expenses will be considerably reduced if you only want to change some things. With the help of smartphone apps and websites, you can tell in advance what a room might look like. If you want to renovate it would be sensible to visit a do-it-yourself 3Droom-designer website. You could see what the room would look like with new furniture and a new color scheme.
An important step in keeping an eye on the total cost is to write down the things you want to get hold of in order to keep track. Write down what you want to invest in furniture, art objects or accessories. If you enjoy crafting, you can also decorate curtains, sew your own pillowcases or paint used furniture. So, you save money and get a unique decoration.

Follow a decoration process

First, think about the color of the walls and the ceiling. Use white or cream if you want the room to look bigger and brighter. If you want to highlight a feature of a room like a piece of artwork, furniture or a wall perhaps behind a fireplace, paint that wall in a different color.

To bring patterns into the room, use wallpaper rather than paint, but keep in mind that having paint or wallpaper on every wall will make the room look smaller. After the walls, one can devote oneself to the floor, where it can be difficult to lay planks or carpet. So, get a craftsman into the house. Carpets can change the look of a room and protect the floor. In many home improvement stores, you can have the desired carpet adapted to the dimensions of your home.

If you have already used colorful paint on the walls, you should not overdo it and rather keep the floor in a neutral color. You should always be careful when choosing furniture, be sure to invest extra energy and costs in pieces that are usually under heavy stress, such as the couch, armchair or dining table.

In furniture stores you can get small eye-catching items like, bedside tables, TV consoles or shelves, which can then be painted to beautify them.
For art, on the other hand, you can spend a lot of money on a work and frame it yourself, or even make a work of art yourself. Instead of buying a work of art, you can also find several pictures that fit together well and frame them in a vintage frame and hang them together on the wall. Another option is a wall tattoo or a painted picture instead of a picture frame. A tailor-made picture that fits into the apartment looks very good. Put it on a clean, white wall. Leave some walls white and do not hesitate to hang these walls with pictures. Art gives each home a special touch and is also an eye-catcher.
Last but not least, there are also accents, such as pillows, curtains, wine racks and other bells and whistles. Mirrored trays or hanging mirrors are great for making a room look bigger. A floor lamp as a mood light or a favorite vase with fresh or artificial flowers fit to almost all styles, along with many other decorative items.

Start slowly and gradually change something. You can still add more. Decoration is a process for which you should take your time instead of changing everything at once. If you do not have enough cash on hand, replace furniture, lighting and the floor in stages until your perfect interior is complete.

Text : Bieniossek · Illustrationen: Rochirelleth · Foto: Gucky