The Christmas season has arrived. In addition to the stricter Corona rules, with all its excesses of quarrelsome Corona deniers or just bad-tempered grouches, mask refusers or provocative thugs, the city is trying to create a festive mood with the Christmas market.
Even I, rather a Christmas muffle, find that I am suddenly happy about these colorful animals and lights in the city like a little child. That’s how far the time of austerity has brought us!

I also noticed the police posters: Don’t “Punch” and Drive. Not even Santa Claus is allowed to do that! Immediately I thought of the stories of drunk e-scooter drivers crashing into traffic signs, store windows or cars. I myself have witnessed such reckless rides. With two man/woman on an e-scooter crashing onto the bike path after wobbling and laughing violently.

So, be kind and peaceful everyone, don’t drive drunk anything, enjoy mulled wine, cinnamon cookies, hot chestnuts – listen to “Last Christmas” for the 1000th time and most importantly “keep your distance” so we can all enjoy the Christmas season.

Your Santa Claus

Text, illustration, animation: Stern am Meer