We present the project Rescue Anchor Kiel

Do you or your children already know about the Rescue Anchor Kiel? Together with Ev. Luth Kirchenkreis, the Christian Association for the Promotion of Social Initiatives and Workers‘ Welfare (Kreisverband Kiel) launched the project „Rescue Anchor Kiel“.

Rettungsanker Kiel

This project is designed to provide direct help and support for children and younger adolescents in public places in acute emergencies. All over the country focal points are recruited to form an auxiliary network for young people. The places where help is offered are indicated by the symbol of the „Rescue anchor Kiel“ (a small white hand reaching for a red anchor on a light green background). The contact points can be medical practices, kindergartens, offices, shops or pharmacies. In recent years more and more schools have been „brought on board“ to do a rescue anchor rally with children in order to make the project better known. At the rally the children can collect stamps and get to know the contact points.

Rettungsanker Kiel
Rettungsanker Kiel
Rettungsanker Kiel
Rettungsanker Kiel
Rettungsanker Kiel

Be it an injury, the fear of possible harassers or the loss of their companion: the contact persons take care of finding direct help or support. If necessary, they will inform the relatives of the child or the police.

The goals of the project are to help children become more confident to turn to people and ask for help, improving child-friendliness, improving the protection of children in public, raising awareness of neighborly responsibility and raising social responsibility in neighborhoods.

In 2014, a survey was conducted at the contact points. It turned out that in a period of 6 months, spread over the more than 200 contact points in Kiel, 102 children had visited the contact points of the rescue anchor with very different problems. We need to inform children and younger teens about the project and explain that all children in emergency situations can receive help in the designated shops and facilities. You can help find suitable points of contact by, for example, alerting trustworthy business people to the project.

With your support the project can be successful!

If you have any questions about the Rettungsanker project, the city coordination office is available.


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Text : Bieniossek · Fotos: Raphael Jahnke