Volunteer Fire Company

Teamwork and a good interaction are demanded at the volunteer fire department. In an emergency...

The war in Syria

A victims report The people of Syria live a life far away from democracy. Since 1970 Syria has...

The Ghostfighter

Anyone who walks in Kiel can find art unexpectedly. In addition to various modern and abstract...

No AIDS for all until 2020 in Schleswig-Holstein

Nowadays, you can live well for a long time with HIV – if you get to know about the infection early enough and start treatment. However, many women and men do not know that they have become infected.

Kiel sprats – How silver turns into gold

Known as a delicacy exported worldwide, these little fishes have little to do with the state capital. The name „Kiel sprats”, denies namely the actual origin of the sprats, which originally come from Eckernförde.

Traumatic suffering has no gender

Why is there for offer for men? Sexual violence towards men? That’s impossible! In public this topic will gladly be denied, since according to societal roles, men are considered as the „strong sex“. So, it often happens that men cannot handle the experience so well and it leads to increasing shame and uncertainty.

The violet zero

„For a long time it was considered a myth: the zero Euro bill. The rare specimen is truly real and therefore much sought after among collectors. There are notes with the Cologne Cathedral, the Berlin Palace or the Salzburg Mozarthaus. Kiel also plays in the league of major cities.

Horoscope spring 2018

Monsieur L read the stars. For all citizens of Kiel with a star-addiction.


It was last millennium When I first heard of Toppoint. At the time, 33.6k modems were the fastest an average person without ISDN could use to connect to the internet and the internet was dismissed by many as kid’s stuff.


Monsieur L reads the Stars. The truth is up there!

Out and About with the SFK

In 1999, I moved from the Lower Rhine to Kiel. Back then I explored the towns and beaches together with my dog, much to the delight of the both of us. When he discovered the beach sand and the water, there was no holding him back. He picked up the closest wooden stick and went into the water.

The orchestra of the Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

They are a common sight on the streets of Kiel: the red busses of the “Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft” (Traffic Corporation). But here we will show that the KVG is much more than just a company for public transportation.


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