Visit the Zoo for free?

Why is it so suspiciously silent here? “Chriiiiistian, Soooophie, you are not on the tablet yet...

60.000 Thoughts

There are constantly thoughts in our heads, up to 60.000 per day. Being angry with an annoying...

A manifold offer

The café „Café Vielfalt” is located in Ellerbek at the “Klaus-Exner-Platz” on Kiel’s eastern...

Gypsy Jazz made in Kiel

People, who love live music and like Swing in particular, will be in good hands with Gypsy Jazz....

Think outside the box

As the German proverb “What the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat” says, people are often...

Laid-back art

Sewing, drawing or crafting, there are no creative limits set. Artistic talent is no requirement...








Out and About with the SFK

In 1999, I moved from the Lower Rhine to Kiel. Back then I explored the towns and beaches together with my dog, much to the delight of the both of us. When he discovered the beach sand and the water, there was no holding him back. He picked up the closest wooden stick and went into the water.





Are those, who seperate correctly, living cheaper?

Germany at the top. Ok, maybe not the absolute top, but, according to the amount of garbage produced, we come in in fourth. Germanys annual waste production of 617 kilograms per capita (circa 2013), is surpassed in Europe only by Cyprus (624 kg), Luxembourg (653 kg) and Denmark (747 kg).

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