Visit the Zoo for free?

Why is it so suspiciously silent here? “Chriiiiistian, Soooophie, you are not on the tablet yet...

60.000 Thoughts

There are constantly thoughts in our heads, up to 60.000 per day. Being angry with an annoying...

A manifold offer

The café „Café Vielfalt” is located in Ellerbek at the “Klaus-Exner-Platz” on Kiel’s eastern...

Gypsy Jazz made in Kiel

People, who love live music and like Swing in particular, will be in good hands with Gypsy Jazz....

Think outside the box

As the German proverb “What the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat” says, people are often...

Laid-back art

Sewing, drawing or crafting, there are no creative limits set. Artistic talent is no requirement...

Gaarden grooves

Kebab shops, Turkish barber shops or bakeries, it is obvious that there is a cultural diversity in...




Old Pharmacies

They have become a common thing to see at almost every corner in Kiel: pharmacies. Among those, some have been in business for centuries. Two of the oldest are the Alte Rats-Apotheke in the Holstenstrasse and the Hof Apotheke at the Alter Markt.



Venues in Kiel for people with need for assistance

In the following article, we would like to present some of the most useful contact points in Kiel where people in need of assistance can seek help to master tough situations in their life. These points are often run by volunteers and people who have been in the same situation in the past work who are now giving back and earning a little extra money.





My horse is my therapist

Schleswig-Holstein is considered to be the equestrian state par excellence in Germany. It is not just because the Holsteiner, a particularly successful horse breed, comes from here. The state is also a very popular holiday destination. This is due to the fact that Schleswig-Holstein has the highest horse density in all of Germany, with 33 horses per 1000 inhabitants - about 92,500 in total.

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