Visit the Zoo for free?

Why is it so suspiciously silent here? “Chriiiiistian, Soooophie, you are not on the tablet yet...

60.000 Thoughts

There are constantly thoughts in our heads, up to 60.000 per day. Being angry with an annoying...

A manifold offer

The café „Café Vielfalt” is located in Ellerbek at the “Klaus-Exner-Platz” on Kiel’s eastern...

Gypsy Jazz made in Kiel

People, who love live music and like Swing in particular, will be in good hands with Gypsy Jazz....

Think outside the box

As the German proverb “What the farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat” says, people are often...

Laid-back art

Sewing, drawing or crafting, there are no creative limits set. Artistic talent is no requirement...

Gaarden grooves

Kebab shops, Turkish barber shops or bakeries, it is obvious that there is a cultural diversity in...




Bureaucracy and language – Obstacle or Chance?

Paper plays a very special role in Germany. Just about everything that happens here is written down, a full letterbox every day is common. I had to get used to this when I came to Germany, because what is the natural order here is completely unknown in other countries.




Monsieur L reads the Stars. The truth is up there!



Live openess

Kulturgrenzelos brings people together In mid-March, it’s minus five degrees and there’s a...



Brunswiker Schützengilde of 1638 e.V. Kiel

The Brunswiker Schützengilde was founded in the year 1638 by fourteen citizens of Brunswik, a village in the north of Kiel, with the purpose to fight fires and protect.

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