The café „Café Vielfalt” is located in Ellerbek at the “Klaus-Exner-Platz” on Kiel’s eastern shore. Housed in the café the accompanying studio “Atelier Freistil” creates different types of art.


Diversity (Vielfalt) is what immediately comes to your mind when entering the room. If you didn’t already know the café’s name, you would call it that. This is for several reasons:

First of all, a big pillar catches your eye in the middle of the room that is plastered with flyers for events, workshops, classes and other offers. The “Atelier-Café” itself has a variety of offers like the “Kids Café”, groups for games, gymnastics, PC-Knowledge, Bingo and much more. All offers are for free and can be joined without any application.

Also the Art in “Atelier Freistil” is very diverse. A clear style is not noticeable. Everyone is creative with wood, metal, textiles, canvas and colors – whatever they like. Many of the artworks are exhibited at the café or in other places. There is also the possibility to buy it.

Everyone is welcome in the café and you will enjoy the atmosphere immediately.

Since December 2013 people come together and have breakfast or lunch for low prices. Also, in the evening Ellerbek’s inhabitants meet here for coffee and cake.

“Café Vielfalt” is unique in Ellerbek. The district doesn’t offer anything else, as the 71-years-old retiree Dirk P. told us. He likes to have breakfast here with his wife. Once a week he visits the support group for PC-questions, his wife takes part in the playing group and at the bingo group.

Daniel Pollmann is councilman and says: “Café Vielfalt is an enrichment at the Klaus-Exner-Platz. Over time the place has become a venue for the districts’ people and isn’t somber as it used to be. People meet to chat and have a coffee. Also the dishes are very good and affordable. And this is very important for districts like Ellerbek where older people have only low income. Different interest groups meet here, they also founded new recreational groups. This enhances the social togetherness and people stay fit and healthy.

When talking to the citizens the love for the café’s offers comes across. And also the staff exudes a lot of enthusiasm for what they do. The café and the atelier are very important for people with disabilities who work here within their means. All in all the concept is a benefit for everyone.”

Sabine Kühl is the project manager and she can envisage further things like a swap meet for services, a youth-café, opening times on Saturdays and Sundays and much more. But for new projects the citizens must take the initiative. Currently some citizens of Ellerbek offer a Sundays-breakfast every second Sunday of the month.

“Café Vielfalt” is part of the occupation project “Atelier-Café Ellerbek” for people with mental disabilities. Those people are employed in catering, service and art. Thereby they receive a daily structure and a professional pedagogical support.

The project is part of the “KJSH-Stiftung” and has a cooperation with the city of Kiel and the “WBG Kiel-Ost”. The “KJSH-Stifung” runs a few more catering-projects, for example the “Flex Café”, the “Flexwerk”, the “Café Paletti” or the “Bürgercafé Mettenhof”.