Who doesn’t know the feeling: after a hard day working or dealing with the hustle and bustle in our state capital, you just want to relax. The balcony or the terrace, if even available, sometimes isn’t enough and you desire to be in nature. Since many don’t know that you don’t have to drive far away, I would like to introduce some recreational areas that are located directly in Kiel or in the outskirts.

We are talking about Kiel forests and parks, all of which invite you to go for a walk, have a picnic or relax – and also have a few surprises and experiences in store.

I usually start my day with a morning walk with my dog Lucky in the “Kronsburger Gehölz”, which makes my dog very happy. It is also a relaxing start to stressful everyday life for me. I enjoy the movement and the fresh air, and I especially enjoy the many species of animals that can be observed here.

Here I can let the everyday worries move into the background. In addition to ducks, geese, frogs and squirrels, with a bit of luck you can also meet a kingfisher here. For me, it was the first time to observe this species in the wild and therefore a very special experience.

If you want to experience even more animal diversity, I recommend the “Tiergehege Tannenberg”: Across over 40 hectares, here you can encounter free-roaming deer and moufflon species, and in fenced-in fields there are also Scottish highland cattle, sika deer, Icelandic horses and wild boar. It’s a great experience for young and old, and certainly worth a day trip because you rarely the chance to get this close to various wild animals. There are also rangers here, who ensure order and cleanliness and are also happy to provide information about the different species. The roofed seating options provide an opportunity for a picnic.

The “Vieburger Gehölz” is very popular especially among athletes because it is ideal for jogging, mountain biking or geocaching. This woodland also comes up with some surprises. Here you can get up close to the tallest building in Kiel, the telecommunications tower, meet the Indian group at the wigwam and fire pit, or visit various events on the forest stage. The “Waldhaus” offers events for different age groups, which aims to restore the relationship of the people with nature. The woods are also great for dog owners, as your four-legged companions can roam, play and sniff around on the large terrain.

If you prefer staying close to the water, then the “Düsternbrooker Gehölz” is recommended. Along the Kielline you can walk in the woods and catch great views of the fjord over and over again. Many benches and green areas invite you to sunbathe and take a break. Also, in the adjoining Diederichsenpark there is great seating available, from which one has a great view of the fjord and can wave to the cruise liners. The associated “Forstbaumschule”, with its meadows and ponds, also invites to enjoy some idyllic walks.

The many very beautiful forests and parks in Kiel offer great opportunities to get silence and recovery in the immediate vicinity. Unfortunately, the idyllic picture is clouded in many places by carelessly thrown away garbage. Here everyone is asked to preserve the great nature and to dispose of their waste in the appropriate waste containers or avoid waste altogether.